C’LA, your new customs agency in Couvin


C’LA or Customs – Logistics Agency is the latest addition to MSBD.

We heard the message from businesses in the Couvin, Philippeville, Chimay and surrounding areas.  They have long since had no customs agency to support them in their import/export activities.

Today, it’s done!  C’LA, based in Couvin, opens its doors.

What is a customs agency?

Traditionally, we refer to the customs registrant. It is the one that will make your customs declarations for import and export.

“But a customs representative is much more than that!”

It is your consulting partner for everything related to customs, but also excise, eco-packaging taxes and all necessary and mandatory information before any import and export.

Be perfectly prepared to avoid any nasty surprises or delays in your shipments!

For your properly drafted customs formalities your contact:

Véronique Koninckx – ’32 (0)470 34 54 53

Advice, Audits and Training

Your business is unique, we help you optimize your profitability with our tailored solutions.

Our team listens to you and proposes 3 areas of development:

1/ Tips

Using an outside eye, which will have helicopter view, without prejudice or interest, is life-saving for businesses. Even more so for SMEs – growing startups, when it comes to structuring themselves to grow better.
Our team of MSBD experts observes, analyzes and offers you the best avenues for improvement.
It accompanies you throughout your change management process and implementation.

2/ Audits

Growing up is no small task.
SMEs and Startups are all faced with this dilemma of how to structure themselves well to grow better.
“Moving forward no matter what, looking for more and more contracts, sales, and one day …. patatras … total chaos!”
“Your teammates have multiplied like hotcakes to cope with your order book. Perfect… but in a hurry you forgot to write, formalize, structure your processes.”
Our team of experts is listening to you. She meets each and every one of them.  Understands and analyzes each of your work habits.
You are given a map of the state of the place and optimization solutions.

3/ Training

Because the world is constantly changing, the growth of your business will only last if you continue to train and train your teammates.
To stay in the lead, the ACADEMY by MSBD team offers you a panel of training at the cutting edge of new technologies.
“End the endless days of in-field training where the next day you have double the job at the office to recover.”
Hello: in-person close to your company, to follow, and due to your needs because you are unique.
Our catalogue offers training in:


  • Customs: know how to read and complete your customs declarations. Well controlled, customs can save you many surprises.
  • Logistics and supply chain: for efficient integrated logistics.  From cost center to profit center.
  • International trade: growing up on exports is not improvised.  Learn to master all aspects of your new markets.
  • Maintenance: A well-developed and respected maintenance plan is an assured production and a lot of resources saved for your business. Take this opportunity.